Tuesday, January 23, 2018
For this year's annual birthday trip we decided to take a more relaxing route and chose to spend five perfect days in Belize. We absolutely fell in love with Ambergris Caye and have already been recommending it to everyone.As a disclaimer, we did go in early September, right before the slowest of the slow season, so we may not...
San Diego, CA
Whether or not you follow a healthy lifestyle at home, traveling can throw a wrench in whatever routine you had going on. When we're home, we try to follow the 80/20 lifestyle - healthy eats and alcohol-free 80% of the time and head to the gym (or for a hike) most days of the week.But, as soon as we...
Coron, Palawan, Philippines
While summertime and winter holidays are popular times to travel, there are many benefits to traveling during the off-season. Peak travel can bring expensive price tags, overcrowded tours, and sold out flights and hotels.Of course, often times off-season travel means that you're not getting the ideal weather for the location you're visiting - however, that doesn't mean rain or...
Due to the fact that we were trying to fit so much into such a short period of time, we only had one day to go to Valparaiso. That day happened to be a Sunday, when many restaurants and shops were closed, but we still had a great time.We took a 90-minute bus ride from Santiago - check out companies...
When we jumped on the $200 error fare to Santiago, I'll be honest, I had NO idea what we were going to do for a week (okay, eight days) in Chile. I assumed we'd have to stick to a bunch of day trips from Santiago (which, upon my research, really wouldn't have been such a bad trip at all!)...
People often ask us how we get such great deals and are able to go on as many trips as we do. The truth is - there isn't just one answer. Sometimes it's luck when we search for a destination, other times it's jumping on an amazing deal or error fare, and yes, there are plenty of times (like...
Atacama Desert
Before we booked our flight to Chile, I had honestly never heard of the Atacama Desert. It wasn't until I started researching what there was to do outside of Santiago that I learned about this crazy, but awesome place. There are certainly a few things to know before you go!We spent two days and two nights in Atacama and...
Teotihuacan, Mexico
I had never given too much thought to Mexico City. After all, I'd done the beaches in Cancun and Cabo and the border was 30 minutes from my house. But after a couple of layovers there and hearing more and more good things about it, we decided to look at flights. $115 round trip from Tijuana. Done.Before I get into...
View from W Santiago
I fell in love with Buenos Aires in 2012, but hadn't been back to South America since. Toby had spent 3 weeks mountaineering in Peru in 2011 - and we knew we were getting due for another trip down south. I had always assumed the next stop would be Rio, maybe somewhere in Colombia, until we scored $200 flights...
When we spur of the moment bought plane tickets to Santiago, Chile (thanks again Orbitz and your error fare!) I had no intention of going to Patagonia. Between cost and the limited amount of time we had, it didn't seem like it was even an option.After I did a little bit of research I quickly realized it was 100%...




San Diego, CA
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