Tuesday, February 19, 2019
View of Brooklyn
We kicked off the 2016 wedding season in Brooklyn, NY in June.  There a million and one restaurants, bars and things to do in NYC so I won't tell you where you HAVE to go - I'm no New York expert, but here are some (mostly) foodie highlights from our trip: Brooklyn meadowsweet - Located in Williamsburg, we went here for...
San Diego, CA
Who doesn't love a good brunch? Everyone in San Diego does. Whether you live here or are just passing through for a weekend, definitely make sure to indulge in some yummy brunch cocktails and food that might be a little bit more creative than your classic diner food (not that I am hating on a good diner!). There are endless...
Teotihuacan, Mexico
I had never given too much thought to Mexico City. After all, I'd done the beaches in Cancun and Cabo and the border was 30 minutes from my house. But after a couple of layovers there and hearing more and more good things about it, we decided to look at flights. $115 round trip from Tijuana. Done.Before I get into...
Tacos and Beer
When I moved to San Diego back in 2008 it wasn't all that safe to travel to Tijuana - people had even stopped going over for an afternoon of cheap tacos and beers. As things started to change all I heard were nightmare stories about how long it took to cross the border on the way home and I...
We decided to head to Portland at the end of October. Not exactly prime weather time to go to Portland, but that also meant less tourists and cheaper flights! Since we were only there for a short time we decided to stick to the city – next time I definitely want to rent a car and check out some...
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Okay, I know, when someone says “let’s go to Puerto Rico” the first things you think about are probably beaches, boats, and fruity rum cocktails.  Let’s be clear: all of those things happened on my trip to Puerto Rico, and I have some tips for all of those things, but one of my favorite parts of this trip was...