Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Due to the fact that we were trying to fit so much into such a short period of time, we only had one day to go to Valparaiso. That day happened to be a Sunday, when many restaurants and shops were closed, but we still had a great time.We took a 90-minute bus ride from Santiago - check out companies...
When we jumped on the $200 error fare to Santiago, I'll be honest, I had NO idea what we were going to do for a week (okay, eight days) in Chile. I assumed we'd have to stick to a bunch of day trips from Santiago (which, upon my research, really wouldn't have been such a bad trip at all!)...
Atacama Desert
Before we booked our flight to Chile, I had honestly never heard of the Atacama Desert. It wasn't until I started researching what there was to do outside of Santiago that I learned about this crazy, but awesome place. There are certainly a few things to know before you go!We spent two days and two nights in Atacama and...
Teotihuacan, Mexico
I had never given too much thought to Mexico City. After all, I'd done the beaches in Cancun and Cabo and the border was 30 minutes from my house. But after a couple of layovers there and hearing more and more good things about it, we decided to look at flights. $115 round trip from Tijuana. Done.Before I get into...
View from W Santiago
I fell in love with Buenos Aires in 2012, but hadn't been back to South America since. Toby had spent 3 weeks mountaineering in Peru in 2011 - and we knew we were getting due for another trip down south. I had always assumed the next stop would be Rio, maybe somewhere in Colombia, until we scored $200 flights...
When we spur of the moment bought plane tickets to Santiago, Chile (thanks again Orbitz and your error fare!) I had no intention of going to Patagonia. Between cost and the limited amount of time we had, it didn't seem like it was even an option.After I did a little bit of research I quickly realized it was 100%...
View from Vinos las Nubes
There have been a variety of articles written about Guadalupe Valley being the next Napa - being that Mexico is a drive, walk, and quick uber away (and much less expensive than Napa) I was excited to check it out.We walked across the border a little before 11am and called an uber. If you've never walked across the border...
View from Cloud 9, Shanghai
When I booked my first trip that had an extended layover in London, I knew I had to get out of the airport. One of my best friends from college had been living there for 8 years, and while we had traveled the world together, I had never been to London while she lived there. I started researching what...
After almost nine years of living in California, I finally made some time to visit Big Sur. Living down in San Diego meant that I couldn't make it an easy day, or even weekend trip, so with a week off between Christmas and New Years I made a mini-road trip itinerary. Day 1 - Paso Robles Being that I'm a wine...
Shanghai, China
While I have some recommendations and tips for a long layover in Shanghai, I have to admit, it didn’t make it on the favorite places list. Perhaps Shanghai requires a longer stay in order to truly appreciate it (and I must admit there were places I had on my list of things to do and see that I didn’t...




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