Tuesday, April 23, 2019
When we were planning our two week holiday in Vietnam, I did a lot of reading about traveling south to north, top places to stop and visit, and so on.  Phu Quoc didn’t make it onto many travel blogs or lists.  It wasn’t until a friend suggested it that we started researching and decided it would make a perfect...
Before we went on our trip to Vietnam I did a lot, I mean A LOT of research on the best way to spend one or two weeks in the country – where to go, what not to miss.  After all was said and done, here is where we ended up: Day 1: Saigon We arrived in Saigon late night. If...
The title of this post is a bit misleading – while we did make it to Tokyo on our way to Vietnam, our layover on the way home was only about 6 hours.  Not long – but enough to get out of the airport if you wish! We hopped on the train and in about 10 minutes we were in...
Neon lights in Shinjuku
When we booked our flights to Vietnam we were lucky enough to build in a 21-hour layover in Tokyo into our itinerary.  I quickly started to research what we should do, where we should go, with less than 24 hours in such a large city.  Some people recommended just staying in Narita, much closer to the airport, but if...