Tuesday, April 23, 2019
View from Vinos las Nubes
There have been a variety of articles written about Guadalupe Valley being the next Napa - being that Mexico is a drive, walk, and quick uber away (and much less expensive than Napa) I was excited to check it out.We walked across the border a little before 11am and called an uber. If you've never walked across the border...
After almost nine years of living in California, I finally made some time to visit Big Sur. Living down in San Diego meant that I couldn't make it an easy day, or even weekend trip, so with a week off between Christmas and New Years I made a mini-road trip itinerary. Day 1 - Paso Robles Being that I'm a wine...
Portland Schooner
Somehow after 22 years of living in New England, and numerous trips to Maine, I had never spent any time in Portland. I was given the opportunity to go this past weekend for a bachelorette party (sorry, Toby!). It was too quick a trip and I definitely want to go back, but here were my thoughts on what I...
We decided to head to Portland at the end of October. Not exactly prime weather time to go to Portland, but that also meant less tourists and cheaper flights! Since we were only there for a short time we decided to stick to the city – next time I definitely want to rent a car and check out some...