Saturday, May 25, 2019
View from Table Mountain
For the first couple of days and second week of our South Africa trip we used Cape Town as our home base. Although people talk about the city being dangerous and private security is everywhere, I had a great time and never felt unsafe. Where To Stay Urban Chic Boutique Hotel - we opted to stay on Long Street our first...

4 Days in Israel

Beach in Tel Aviv
After throwing around a number of ideas, we settled on a trip to Istanbul over Thanksgiving 2013. Our only "problem"? It was going to be pretty chilly there and we wanted a few days in warmer weather. But in Eastern Europe at the end of November, where were we going to find that? A two-hour flight south, in Israel!Because...
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the first city I visited in South America and I immediately fell in love. We visited over Thanksgiving which meant it was just about summertime in Argentina. This was probably one of the longest amounts of time I've spent in any city on a vacation and I had no complaints. Stay We used Oasis Collections which allowed us to...