Tuesday, April 23, 2019
View of Brooklyn
We kicked off the 2016 wedding season in Brooklyn, NY in June.  There a million and one restaurants, bars and things to do in NYC so I won't tell you where you HAVE to go - I'm no New York expert, but here are some (mostly) foodie highlights from our trip: Brooklyn meadowsweet - Located in Williamsburg, we went here for...
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Okay, I know, when someone says “let’s go to Puerto Rico” the first things you think about are probably beaches, boats, and fruity rum cocktails.  Let’s be clear: all of those things happened on my trip to Puerto Rico, and I have some tips for all of those things, but one of my favorite parts of this trip was...
Lanterns in Hoi An
While planning our itinerary for our two week trip in Vietnam, Hoi An kept coming up as many people's favorite place on their trip - and also the spot to go to if you wanted custom clothing made. It seemed a like a stop we couldn't pass up and I'm so happy we didn't - it ended up being...
Growing up in the northeast, I was no stranger to Canada, we frequented Montreal between the ages of 18-21 and made a trip to Niagara Falls. But British Columbia - that was a whole world away. That was, until I moved to San Diego and then it was just a few hours of flights up the coast! Although we...